Emmi-Pet Teeth Cleaning


 Providing Dog Teeth Cleaning Services to Menston, Ilkley, Burley In Wharfedale, Guiseley, Baildon, Yeadon, Otley and surrounding areas.

The Emmi-pet is a teeth cleaning treatment for your dog that thoroughly cleans the teeth and deep into the gum line without requiring any anaesthetic. It can prevent periodontitis, inflammation of the gums, tartar formation, bad breath, and chronic oral cavity diseases.

How it works: The emmi-pet is an ultrasonic toothbrush which when used in conjunction with the specially developed toothpaste creates microscopic nano-bubbles that implode continuously, causing a suction effect which removes germs, bacteria plaque and tartar.

Benefits: This treatment is noise and vibration free and does not require a brushing action which means it is often very easily accepted by the dog and also causes no abrasion of the teeth.                    

To book a teeth cleaning session for your dog, please call or send a message on 07860 125535. We look forward to meeting you and your four-legged friend.

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